Thursday, October 14, 2010

how to cause revival in a nation of rampant lostness

Christian = what- christ follower? does being moral make one Christian? or because one is a Christ follower do they end up moral and take on the name Christian?
Does the fact that someone is made to adhere to morals and laws make them holy or Christian or repentant or changed, or saved or good?
What is the purpose of legislating morality?
By having good ol' day syndrome are we solving the lostness of the world? Was it really better in the 50s or did people just hide their pervertedness better because of the p/c envornment in America? Did people who went to church back then really have salvation? or becuase the looked good on the outside everyone counted them as such. Living good on the outside seems to be a common problem of the good ol' days.
Would the feminist movement, sexual revolution of the 60s, the racial issues and civil rights issues have been going on had that many people really been born again Evangelical Christians?
I know of many grandparently people who lived a good looking life on the outside and everyone would assume are Christians; however their life at home/ in private did not show this to be true- then we can see what their children were doing at very young ages and wonder why if they believed they would not be training their children according to their belief. by no means do i think every child of a Christian will be a Christian themselves- as that is up to God to call each to Him.
If this great generation that made everything look good were really devout New Testament Christ Followers would America be in the place that it is?
Would the pervertedness that was lingering behind closed doors have become rampant in the nation?
If instead of legislating morality we stopped worrying about how the government making people do what we think everyone should do, but concentrated on spreading the Gospel. correcting the lostness of the PEOPLE of the nation. We cannot change the lost people by making moral laws. the government and political game are not the PEOPLE of the nation. We should encourage laws that are just, non oppressive, and help protect people. But we cannot expect the laws of America to show the law of GOD that brings people to realize their sin. By not living like Christ followers everyday in every part of life the as you go make discpples fades and the witness of the Gospel becomes null.
Just because laws are passed to make abortion illegal or homosexual marriage illegal does not mean people will be changed in their hearts, which is what Christ Followers are commanded to do.
Where does "give to Ceasar what is Ceasar's" fit into the obession with politics and governmental involvement for Christians?
When will Christians stop worrying about what American law says and start telling people about the Jesus that can save them. American politics and government cannot save someone's soul. we can try to make American government laws force people act the way superficial shallow materialistic American Christians want but THAT WILL NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM of SIN and depravity!
making everything look good on the outside will not make abortions go away. People were getting abortions in the alleys for 100s of years.
Healing the hearts of girls and women who are turning to promiscuity to fulfill the longing created by their lack of relationship with their Creator. abortion is only the symptom of a deeper problem. if they were not having sex in the first place there would not be unwanted babies.
If pregnant women were lovingly approached wiht their options and support, showing them the option of killing is wrong and those said Christ followers were stepping up to the plate to adopt babies of these lost girls who don't know any better.

i would say continue to vote for whoever you think is lying the least, don't believe most of the information you hear in the media, and acutally live what you believe or don't claim to be part of the Christian faith! stop playing in the political game. pray for the leaders as God is soverign and placed them there whether we understand it or not. share your life and your faith if you are a Christ follower cause that is the Great Commission- as you go make disciples NOT CONVERTS!!!!!!!!

how can a Christian be in politics? i do not understand when everything about it requires compromise. whether the general public sees it or not. too many bills or amendments come with an attachment, after all the fundraising there are too many favors to pay back- how could someone not end up voting or passing something against their beliefs. should we pretend that these things don't go on and someone could legitimately remain a TRUE Christ follower while serving in the government?

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Sharity said...

ooo, that's good. can I quote you? I loved this "we can try to make American government laws force people act the way superficial shallow materialistic American Christians want but THAT WILL NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM of SIN and depravity!"

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