Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Piano Man

Dobie had his piano recital last night. It went well. He did so good. I am very proud. I have a couple pictures to post and hopefully a video of it will work to put on here. If not i will have it on DVD to show off when we visit family for Christmas. Not completely sure that he will be continuing next semester. I think he has his heart set on playing some kind of sport. But hopefully it will be something he chooses to pursue.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Sadly we are not going to see all the extended family this holiday. We are staying around town to save up to go back longer during the Christmas break. We have so graciously been invited to enjoy a Thanksgiving feast with some friends of ours we met prior to returning to college. We are very excited to spend this time with our friends and take along one of Michael's classmates so he will not be lonely during the holiday.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bitter Sweet Weekend

We are headed out to visit the family this weekend. It will be a bitter sweet weekend though. My sister-in-love lost her precious baby boy last year, several months along in her pregnancy. There is a Memorial Service being held this weekend for parents in the local area to grieve together. We are going to write prayers or Scripture verses and attach them to balloons. That is such a beautiful way to express such a loss. I hope that everyone will pray for their family as they grieve for Nehemiah. On the other hand we can celebrate what a miracle and blessing it is that we are able to experience bringing a life and soul into this world. Even though the world is filled with problems, there is a Hope. And through that Hope there is healing, comfort, provision, wisdom, refuge, strength, and above all change; a real change that no human with their own power can accomplish. Through this there was a light shed on the fact there are not many support groups for families dealing with this loss. If you know of a support group or are in need of a support group please leave a comment so that someone can contact you and be there in your time of need. There are times that this struggle can break apart marriages when a wife and husband do not know how to help the other grieve.

Friday, October 10, 2008

My First

Hello Blog world. Being the mother of three sons, someone suggested a license plate as such. So I decided to use it for my blog. I really have no idea what I would like to do with this yet.
Last night I played intramural soccer at my husband's college. We finally scored 2 goals, thanks to my husband. I am just glad it is Friday today.

Pepper mohawk

Pepper mohawk

pepper mohawk side view

pepper mohawk side view
No more baby haircuts